Answers to our most commonly asked questions

  • How does Popamatic get followers?

    We begin interacting with other users in your target audience. We will “like” their photos or 'follow' them, this sparks their curiousity and they visit your page, encouraging them to follow your account. Of the thousands of users and photos we interact with, a small percentage will become your followers. You can turn off both 'follow'ing or 'liking' in the dashboard if you do not wish to use these features and our popamatic assistants will handle the rest.

  • My login is not working !

    Hi ! Not to worry, we have noticed a large number of users getting the login's confused. There are 2 separate login's. One is for your popamatic account on the login page and the other is on the Instagram login page. at the login page please use your email and password you signed up with to login. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it. If you are trying to login to your instagram account and it isn’t working most likely it will be that you are trying to login with your email.

  • Can I trial your service?

    We offer a 7 day free trial when signing up to popamatic. It includes all the features of a full membership. Start your free trial today

  • Is this service safe ?

    We stay in 100% compliance with Instagram TOS and all the actions on your account are manually done by our popamatic assistants according to your requests. There is also a handy schedule feature that you can use to tell us when we should use the account to avoid any clashes in your activity. We have never had a single instagram account suspended, and we take great pride in that.

    Great care has been taken to make sure we comply with Instagram Terms of Service and most bots do not do this, they directly violate multiple TOS rules of Instagram including private api use, automated devices (bots), spam (using comments), Interruption and Disruption of service and encouragement and facilitation of violations.

  • I need help setting up my Popamatic account, can you help me ?

    We have a specialist that can help set up your account for an additional one time set up fee of $100, they will look at your account and sort out all the targeting options including similar usernames, hashtags and any other options. This will ensure you get the most effective experience with using popamatic.

  • Do you provide invoices ?

    We make it easy for your to claim your refund if you are not satisfied with the service for whatever reason. You can contact us using the live chat form on the dashboard or through the contact us page. Please let us know any information relating to the purchase like a Transaction ID etc.

  • Do I have to share my password with you ?

    Unfortunately since instagram does not have a multi-user account system available, We will need your password to be entered once when signing in, we do not store the password. The password is also encrypted using secure HTTPS and TLS which are the best security protocols available on the internet today.