Instagram Bot ? Stop Looking Now. Popamatic is the answer.

Using a bot is a direct violation of Instagram TOS and puts your account at great risk of being banned. Recently, 2 of the largest Instagram bots were closed down. Let us manage your account for you. Our qualified Popamatic™ Assistants will get you real Instagram likes & followers by talking to the people that are most likely to fall in love with your brand. No bots - hire humans for only $39/month

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and see why popamatic will be the best option.

Compliant with Instagram TOS

We have taken all the steps to make sure we don't infringe on Instagram TOS, don't use bots or other instagress alternatives that directly violate multiple tenants of the TOS and are at a severe risk of being shut down.

Manual Work by Popamatic Assistants

We have Qualified Social Media Assistants that we call Popamatic™ Assistants; they manage your account with your own settings and save you time. We do everything manually, exactly as it should be.

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Monthly Reports

Keep on top of your account with reports sent out by our Assistants every month. The report will have details on how your account has grown and any suggestions for improvement.

More reasons why Popamatic is better than an Instagram Bot

Don’t waste your time with other services. Popamatic is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time till automated bots get shut down, Instagram has already taken down Instagress and Mass Planner (successful instagram bots) in a huge court battle with many bans being reported on each of these services afterwards. Popamatic is a premium managed service as good as hiring a social media agency, is priced as well as an automated bot, and is compliant with Instagram TOS. It is truly a no-brainer.

and see how popamatic helps you get the most out of your time.

A Direct Comparison of Instagram Bots

To save your time, we went out and collected a list of the major Instagram Bots, their features and their prices. To be extra nice we even added in a link to help you sign up to their services. We are pretty confident that you either will not sign up, or will be back when they shut down. *wink wink*

Get Started FREE 7 day free trial. No Credit Card Required. $39/month only if you want to continue
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Account setup, easy as pie.

After defining your audience we get to work with liking and following users that you think will most likely connect with your brand.

Popamatic — used by over 14,602 customers Sign Up Free Today↗
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    Sign up and add your account

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    Add your Target Audience

    Select from a range of targetting options including hashtags and followers of other users. see all targetting features

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    You're Done !

    If we have any more questions or problems with your targeting then we will get in touch with you. Enjoy your new found time !